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Kepi provide a range of services to the land based oil and gas industry in the UK and worldwide.

We work with internationally renowned petro-chemical, oil, gas and mining companies on a wide range of schemes.

These can be long or short term appointments, working as prime or sub-contractors. We offer the following:

Accommodation Units

There are times when additional accommodation is required, for operatives and site workers. We can deliver temporary, semi-permanent and permanent solutions, for long, medium or short term occupancy to satisfy any residential criteria. These units can include all necessary services, including kitchens, bedrooms, rest and relaxation areas and showers.


Warehousing and equipment storage buildings are a necessary part of most oil, gas and mining operations. We can build facilities to store just about anything, including food, mechanical equipment, parts and vehicles. These can be permanent structures or modular buildings that are relocatable. We also offer container storage conversion.

Pipeline Construction

We are distributors and installers for SoluForce®. This company are the leader in the research, development, manufacture, supply and installation of Flexible Composite Pipes (also known as Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes).

The SoluForce® pipe system is completely non-metallic, meaning it can go round corners, up hills, down slopes, across gullies, under water and more, with ease.

It’s fully corrosion resistant and quick and simple to install. Solutions include a corrosion-resistant fitting system that makes it easy to connect pipe systems to a conventional pipeline infrastructure.

Kepi can supply installation equipment and certified installation engineers wherever our customers require them.

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