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Both cost-effective and quick to build, steel frame buildings give fast and simple construction with high quality end results.

These buildings are used where traditional building materials are not appropriate, when terrain doesn’t permit foundation construction or when time is of the essence. The features and benefits of our modular building systems include:


You can construct virtually any style of building from the traditional to the contemporary with SIPS. Each building supplied will be structurally designed by our engineers.


Our build system has been tested to, and accredited with, the highest European Standards, it will meet or exceed all the requirements of current and future UK Building Regulations and Building Standards.

Thermal Efficiency

The excellent thermal performance of our SIP panels combined with their ability to minimise thermal bridging and maximise thermal airtightness, means high levels of performance are achieved.


Our SIPS panels allow for a wide range of finishes to be applied, including render, brick, timber cladding, composite panel or even stone.

Ease of Construction

SIPS panels go together quickly and accurately on-site, within a very tight tolerance. They are simple to erect and require no wet trades or bricklayers.


External and internal follow on trades can start work sooner and the build system offers a weather tight shell to aid faster completion.

Time & Cost Saving

Our integrated build system dramatically reduces construction time and labour costs. On site assembly is typically measured in days and it is easier to accurately predict completion times. Low wastage give accurate fixed costs.

Site Safety

Reductions in site deliveries, heavy materials and wastage all lead to improved site safety.

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