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Kepi can put in place a facilities management package to suit the client’s and the development’s future upkeep needs.

Once a project is completed there is a future need to carry out a range of maintenance and management functions.

They can be used as ground based storage units for operational equipment or as warehousing. They can be easily transported and sited in almost any location.We are able to provide a customised facilities management package to ensure corporate and regulatory compliance. The correct and proper operation of facilities creates an optimal, safe and cost-effective solution.

This is achieved by providing or managing the following activities:

Occupational Safety

This includes the control and management of all safety related issues. Current regimes can be reviewed or amended to comply with statutory requirements. In these situations a complete review and establishment of a safety policy may be necessary. Kepi is able to provide in-house training for staff, including the maintenance of training records.

Fire Safety

We provide the maintenance, inspection and testing programmes for all fire safety equipment and systems. This includes the upkeep of records and certificates for statutory compliance.


Kepi is able to conduct a full facilities survey to identify issues with security. We can then implement any changes required. Additionally we are able to maintain hardware and equipment that supports any security. We can provide in-house training and if required Kepi will manage any current security contracts for the client.

Maintenance, Testing & Inspections

A planned programme of maintenance, testing and inspections can be established to ensure that facilities are operating safely and efficiently. This will help to maximise the operational capability of the equipment, reduce the cost of repairs/replacements and reduce the risk of failure. Any programme would ensure statutory compliance is maintained.


A programme of periodic inspections daily, weekly, monthly etc. can be established, supporting the hygiene and standards requirements of the facilities. This can include the replenishment of cleaning materials and equipment. The management of any existing contracts, including out of hours working, can also be facilitated.


Kepi can provide support for the re-tendering of existing contracts and a review process for on-going contracts to ensure value for money and service. We are able to provide information to support future budgeting by providing an asset register and other information, used for life cycle costings and capital expenditure forecasting.

Disaster Planning

Support can be provided to planners to ensure continuity in the event of a major natural event, fire or equipment failure.

Space Allocation & Change

Support can be given for organisational changes and physical reconfiguration, ensuring the business meets its statutory obligations (space, lighting, fire safety, signage, ventilation, welfare facilities etc.)

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