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Container Conversions start life as a standard ISO sea container and can be converted to a myriad of uses.

These containers can be converted into living spaces, offices, workshops, laboratories and clinics.

They can be used as ground based storage units for operational equipment or as warehousing. They can be easily transported and sited in almost any location.


Containers have a strong structure that is ideal
 for temporary use or in harsh environments.


The versatility of the containers’ design means that they can be converted and altered to suit your needs, inside and out.


When used as accommodation units converted containers can be very highly specified. They can include kitchens, bedrooms, rest and relaxation areas and showers.

High Specification

Basic services can be extended to include IT, internet connection and air conditioning. Container conversions can be fitted with solar panels making them stand-alone units, ideal for use in remote locations.

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