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There are various services that customers need as part of a project or on a one-off basis, or on-going building maintenance and operation.

We can offer you a range of supplies and services that will ensure your project is built to the required standards, in a safe way and is delivered on time.


We can provide to site basic raw materials as well as bricks, blocks, concrete, steel and tarmac.

Finished Goods

Such as panels, electrical wiring, plumbing, windows, doors, fitted kitchens, bathrooms etc all delivered to site.

Contractor Accommodation

Whether it is temporary or mobile units we can deliver and locate accommodation on site. This includes portable toilets, catering units, relaxation areas and office facilities.

Plant & Vehicles

Whatever you need to carry out any works we can supply it, from heavy construction plant and earth moving equipment to trucks and cars for light delivery and mobility.


We can provide inter-site communication across all levels, including telephony, both fixed and mobile, computer networking and IT infrastructure.

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