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Kepi's experience in delivering build projects means that we can deliver the solutions you demand.

Being able to develop and deliver commercial building projects is more than an ability to construct. It requires an understanding of the technical and geographical issues and challenges you can face in each region, whether in the UK or overseas.

When building in diverse locations overseas it also needs a team who understand the culture, social structure and day-to-day life in the country in which you are operating.

We bring this level of experience to all our projects, big or small.  We can provide the following building types:

Educational Buildings

From Schools to Colleges or Universities. Kepi can deliver the basic building to house the students, or build and fit out an educational establishment, so that it is ready to start teaching. Our turnkey solutions include all the services, networks, furniture and equipment.

Hospitals & Clinics

We can deliver small local clinics or larger hospitals. It may be just design and build or you may want us to deliver the complete hospital with all its medical equipment and fittings, all working and ready to go. Whatever the case we will meet your needs.


There are times when additional accommodation is required, for operatives and site workers or for military use or aid workers. We can deliver temporary, semi-permanent and permanent solutions to satisfy any residential criteria, for long, medium or short-term occupancy. These units can include all necessary services to suit any purpose.


Warehousing and equipment storage buildings are a necessary part of most operations. We can build facilities to store just about anything, including food, mechanical equipment, parts, vehicles and documentation. These can be permanent structures or modular buildings that are relocatable. We also offer container storage conversion.

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