Technical Accommodation and Office Area in Camp Taipan, Kabul

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This project covered a number of requirements including the modification of existing buildings, the construction of new one’s and increasing the capacity of on site services. It was located in a war/conflict zone and also in a very harsh desert environment.


British Armed Forces



This was contracted out to KEPI in January 2019 and it involved the planned modification of existing buildings on the site, the construction of new buildings and increasing the capacity on site for support and recreational facilities. The area would house 48 forces personnel.

The first stage was the modification and relocation of existing prefabricated fully self contained units to provide a medical and welfare facility that included a café, shop and a laundry. This was repositioned on site, linked up to all the services (water, electricity etc) and landscaped. The kepi team planned and managed this with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

The next phase of development was the design and build of new domestic accommodation and technical facilities. Thorough planning and project management was the key here. The two storey accommodation building was designed to house 48 people and give them all the facilities that are required for individuals stationed in a modern armed forces camp. Kepi construction staff made sure that the work was carried out quickly but also to the very high standards set by the client. Attention to detail was important, for example a separate building accommodated a gym and this was constructed with a high bay roof so that it could be kept cool and offered a light and airy space.

To go with the new build the modification of an existing Dining and Kitchen facility was included to bring it up to acceptable standards and match the quality of the other new and refurbished buildings. Kepi have a lot of experience in taking projects on where there is a need to balance the old and the new and make the difference seamless. This was certainly achieved at Camp Taipan and the client was very pleased with the end result.

As many of those staying in this new area of the camp needed to be mobile on a  24/7 basis a dedicated parking area was created. This had to accommodate 37 vehicles and was constructed with some bays having roofs to protect the parked motor vehicles from getting too hot.

It was also decided that the current sewage storage on site had insufficient capacity. With the increase in personnel and provision of laundry facilities there was a need to handle the additional waste water. Kepi advised on the groundwork and services required and the sewage storage capacity was also increased to take account of the increase in sewage volumes.

This project was completed in challenging desert conditions in a war zone environment with all the risks and issues that entails. It was also delivered on time and on budget The end result was a new camp facility that successfully combined refurbishing the existing facilities with the provision of a newly built range of buildings and infrastructure. It needed to be delivered with the minimal disruption of day to day activities, in a safe and timely way. The client and end users were very happy with the way the project was managed and the end result

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