Storage Area & Vehicle Testing & Repair Centre, Camp Fortune, Afghanistan

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KEPI International Solutions recently secured and delivered a contract for UK STRE (ME) to construct a technical storage area and vehicle repair centre at the combined security forces Camp Fortune in Afghanistan.





The work consisted of full site preparation that included the relocation of existing temporary storage containers and fencing.

The new building covered an area of 502 m2 and was designed not only as storage area but a vehicle test and repair facility with, amongst other things, a rolling brake tester. Vehicle access was through four large roller shutter doors.

The groundworks included excavation and compaction as well as a poured concrete base and floor with columns and steel I-beams put up before the installation of pre-cast concrete walls. The steel framed roof was covered with profile sheets and the walls with cladding before drainage gutters and downspouts were added. Work then moved on to the internal walls, which were plastered and painted, and the floor prepared for its priming coat and final paint finish.

The building was finished with a HVAC ducting system along with two 12.5 tonne AHU Systems. The roller doors and other doors were added at the same time as the electrical and smoke/heat alarm systems.

Installation of the four vehicle exhaust fans, the vehicle stopper, corner protectors and emergency shower unit completed the safety features required and the building was ready for use, completed in 7 months. The KEPI team delivered the project against a tight deadline and a highly detailed specification.

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