Providing Facilities Management and Operations and Management Services for Sites in Kabul

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The Australian Defence Force needed a reliable and experienced Facilities management company to run, maintain and operate their diverse range of buildings located across the city of Kabul in Afghanistan. They chose Kepi and whist this was a challenging contract, in a war zone, we have managed their Kabul property portfolio to a very standard.


Australian Defence Forces



As well as construction, KEPI can offer the post build services needed by our customers, including total facilities management, covering all the elements of FM from cleaning to securing services supply during periods of downtime.

Once a construction or refurbishment project is completed, or you move into newly leased premises, there is often a need to carry out a range of maintenance and management functions. The Australian Defence Force had a number of sites in Kabul that needed these services. We were able to provide a customised facilities management package to ensure regulatory compliance and the effective management and maintenance of their buildings.

Despite these buildings being spread across a wide area of the city we have been able to operate a team that have set very high standards considering the challenges of operating somewhere like Kabul.

At Kepi we understand that the correct and proper operation of facilities creates an optimal, safe and cost-effective solution and this is what the Australian Defence Force were looking for. Kepi have achieved this for our client by providing or managing the following:

• Fixtures & Fittings Maintenance - periodic preventative and reactive maintenance of all elements of the buildings, including the fittings and fixtures.

• Recording – a programme and recording system of all work done is available An Asset register is always kept on site and updated when required.

• Non-hazardous Waste Disposal Services – arrange and check the collection of non-hazardous general waste twice weekly from bins and other collection points.

• Routine General Cleaning - this includes damp wiping of all surfaces and edges, equipment, tables and chairs. Vacuum of floors and soft furnishings, damp mopping of floors. Our service covers all internal areas offices, common areas, kitchen, tea rooms etc. Chemical cleaning of the toilets, basins, showers and kitchen/food preparation areas.

• Snow Clearance – when appropriate during the winter months the provision of snow clearing and ice cleaning of walkways, building entrances and stairways.

• External Areas - periodic weed control and tidying within the entire grounds at all locations is part of the package. This ensures properties look as good as they can and helps with things like security.

• Emergency Power – on failure of the regular power supply Kepi arrange to provide a contingency power supply within 30 minutes. This is in the event that both the existing generators, that we also managed, were not functional

Generator Maintenance - cleaning and servicing the existing generators which includes daily cleaning and servicing at scheduled intervals. The planned maintenance involves checking and if necessary replacing the Oil filter, Fuel filter, Water separation filter, Air filter, Water filter. The routine maintenance includes the change of oil and lubricants.

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