KGC Refurbishment Works, Kabul

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This project covered a wide range of works including the modification of existing buildings, the construction of new on site facilities, the refurbishment and improvement of site services and infrastructure. The work was located in a war/conflict zone and in a very difficult geographical and cultural environment. This job was completed in Summer 2020


US Military



A lot of work went in to Phase 2 of the extensive KGC Refurbishment Project. It is very typical of the sort of work that Kepi carry out for the military forces around the world. In this case the client was the US Military

The KGC Phase 2 project was a series of 15 specified separate tasks involving a wide range of refurbishment works within a military base in the Afghan capital city of Kabul. As with many of our military projects much of this work was highly confidential but it included:

• Inspection, repair and, where necessary, replacement of a range of electrical panels, wires and cables. Kepi’s job was to make certain that all the electrical installations and cabling infrastructure were not only in reliable working order but they able to do their job for years to come. All work had to conform to BS 7671/2018.

• Refurbishment of various living accommodation blocks which included replacing HVAC units, plumbing works, roofing repairs and preventative maintenance plus the erection of security fencing. The job also included the replacement of all doors and locks. Kepi were also tasked with painting the interior and exterior walls of all the refurbished buildings as well as deep cleaning of all the interior surfaces.

• The construction of a series of concrete base pads to house both 40ft and 20ft ISO containers. Once the containers were in situ Kepi fitted out the interiors, including walls, ceilings and floors and provided water and sewage lines to customer agreed design specifications.  

• Kepi also expanded the existing perimeter fencing to include repositioning of existing T walls and the fabrication and the fitting of an additional vehicle and pedestrian gate.

All this work was carried out as quickly and effectively as possible whilst working in a high security environment in challenging environmental conditions. Kepi provided full turnkey solutions including materials handling, site management, construction teams and equipment hire with everybody working to BS safety and quality standards. Work was completed on time.

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