Internal Security Fencing at Camp Qargha, Afghanistan

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As well as major construction and infrastructure projects Kepi also deliver lower key works. These are just as important as they provide necessary servicers such as this one. The Australian Department of Defence were looking to improver the levels of security around their precincts at Camp Qargha, Kabul in Afghanistan and they wanted a comprehensive plan and installation for their internal fencing. This needed to include “ceremonial” as well as vehicle and pedestrian gates.


Australian Department of Defence



After surveying and discussing the needs with Australian Forces personnel on the ground, the Kepi designers came up with a solution to add security to three separate sites at Camp Qargha. This involved different types and styles of fencing according to the location and level of security needed. At the same time access needed to be improved for vehicle and personnel movements in and out of each of the three precincts involved.

An additional requirement was to provide two ceremonial gates, that were official entrances and needed to be identified as such with signage, more aesthetically pleasing gate ironwork. They needed to give a good overall impression as they were the “official” precinct entrances. A second benefit was in terms of navigation, the client wanted visitors to use these gates as they identified what, who and where they were on site.

Once the design and planned location of the fencing and gates was approved the Kepi team moved in and prepared groundworks for posts and other necessary hardware. Differing types of fencing were used which meant different ground preparation was required, as well a varying post and base finishes. All fences were completed at the top with razor wire and “Y” frames carrying other security wire etc.

The ceremonial gates had solid walls on both sides which were built by the Kepi team. The specially designed and commissioned ironwork was hung in the traditional way. The walls were painted white with capping’s to the pillars. The signage was multilingual and included logos etc.

The client was very happy with the end results, as usual Kepi formed a very good partnership with people on the ground and the project was delivered on time and also on budget.  

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