Infrastructure Work Completed at HMP Humber

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Kepi were contracted by HMPS to carry out major resurfacing work on the roads inside the prison estate at HMP Humber, located in Everthorpe. This involved planing out the existing roads, disposing of spoil from the site and all resurfacing work, including replacing all road markings including line work and on-road signage. With a total area of 8055sq metres to dig up and replace the job took just nine days to complete.


Her Majesty’s Prison Service – Yorkshire & Humberside Region



In line with the specialist work that kepi carry out for the armed services around the world, Kepi were ideally placed to carry out work for HMPS. The security and safety issues involved weren’t a big challenge for a company used to working in these sort of environments and delivering the job at speed but to a high quality standard.

“There are not just service roads on site, there are large car parks for staff and visitors plus there is Warden and other staff accommodation on site so there are residential roads” said a Kepi spokesperson “This meant we needed to ensure minimal disruption with access to the prison itself, as well as other areas, a priority at all times. We also needed to make sure none of the security aspects of the prison were compromised, with authorised vehicle movements being controlled to make the site safe for our team, workers and prison visitors.”

Planing obviously reduces the ability of the roads to carry vehicles in the normal way so Kepi put in ramps where necessary and tidied areas up where pedestrians needed access. They also put in traffic management equipment whenever necessary to avoid total disruption to traffic movements around the site. Tarmac was then laid to all the necessary specifications set by the client and the whole project was completed with new road markings.

“A job like this may seem simple on the surface but there are a lot of project management issues to cover, especially when doing the work at a prison” continued the spokesperson “Our teams experience in the work we do for customers like the army stood us in good stead. With over 8000 sq metres of roadway and parking to remove, prepare, re-tarmac and finish both the client and ourselves were very happy that it took just nine days from start to finish. The client was even happier with the quality of the job. Yet another happy Kepi customer!”

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