General Infrastructure Improvements at Camp Juno

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All facilities need some work to keep them in tip top shape and Camp Juno in Helmand Province, Afghanistan is no exception. Housekeeping is necessary to ensure everything is fully operational and this includes maintaining existing infrastructure such as fencing, existing and new groundworks. In support of British military operations and UK Works Group Royal Engineers Kepi were engaged to carry out repair and refurbishment around the camp in a number of areas.


UK Works Group - Royal Engineers



The scope of the work that Kepi undertook around Camp Juno included:

· Stabilisation of various parts of banking to ensure that any ground movement or disturbance had not reduced their effectiveness. This was achieved with ground engineering techniques and the use of things such as gabion baskets.

· Repairs and renewals to existing fencing and erecting new fencing where required. This involved maintenance to fencing and posts as well as the installation of new cat fencing.

· An anti-vehicle ditch and bunding was required in various locations around the camp to increase levels of security and protect against ground-based attack. This involved major earthworks and strategic location civil engineering.

· Jersey barriers, designed to redirect a vehicle impact, were needed in various locations around the site to maintain the high levels of security and reduce the effect of vehicle attacks or accidents.

· Refurbishment of the main entry point was needed. This included the design and construction of box culverts as watercourses, the installation of finger barriers and the construction of ground based HESCO fighting sangers.

· Various smaller rebuild and repair jobs to fences, sangers and earthworks.

The list of works was extensive for this project and required detailed planning to cause minimal day to day disruption to camp operations whilst at the same time ensuring that work was up to specification and did not compromise the safety of military and non-military personel.

It is this sort of attention to detail that Kepi bring to any project, in a conflict area like this or in a city or town across the globe. Being able to deliver across a wide range of construction skills and areas gives Kepi an advantage on projects such as this one.  

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