Construction of Fuel Storage Tank Building in Helmand

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There are many examples of Kepi delivering part of a project as a sub-contractor, either working on their own bespoke area or working in collaboration on a part of the construction and build. In this particular case Kepi were working with CADG as a sub-contractor tasked with supplying the building that housed a number of fuel storage tanks and their ancillary equipment. The location was Camp Shorabak in Helmand, Afghanistan and the project was part of the US Reconstruction Project in the Province.


CADG - Kepi working as a Sub-Contractor



After initially surveying the construction area Kepi supplied their quote, as part of the build, fit-out and complete to CADG and in turn they received approval on the overall price from their client.

Kepi supplied costs and a specification for all materials to be used as well as a construction quote for the structure that housed the storage tanks and equipment. Work began on groundworks and excavation, the provision of foundations to tolerances that would support the multiple fuel tanks when they were full and a concrete base that would act as a platform for the fuel tanks and their associated gear.

As part of the project specification a concrete Bund Wall was also required. This was designed to contain any unintended escape of fuel or a leak from the tanks. It needed to be sufficiently strong and capable of containment until remedial action could take place to sort out the spillage or repair the leak and provide capacity to neutralise the escaped fuel.

The final construction phase was to fabricate and install a pre-designed Frame Master structure with a roof to provide protection for the tanks and also so operatives had a safe and more comfortable working environment.

The work was completed on time and on budget in a region that was a conflict zone and where on-site safety was a challenge. It demonstrated how Kepi can work with a main contractor to deliver a technical infrastructure project.

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