Kepi has a Highly Skilled Team of Managers, Staff and Contractors...

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Kepi Has A Highly Skilled Team Of Managers, Staff and Contractors. We also use and train local labour, a legacy advantage.

Our team of highly skilled engineers, project managers, site managers and skilled tradespeople operate nationally and globally.

Kepi’s staff is drawn from a wide range of professional trades, skills and disciplines, who all make a unique contribution and ensure the success of the company as it continues to develop.

We employ Chartered Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, experienced managers and specialist trades, including former armed forces personnel. Each and every person has the drive and determination required to ensure that the company’s aim of delivering first time, every time is achieved.

Kepi bases its manning levels for each project on the tasks and demands of that project.

These are individual assessments. We use local labour and skilled trades where available and when appropriate security measures allow. This simple but effective solution ensures that the local community benefits from the company’s presence in the area. Putting something back into the community is key and also helps to ensure a secure and safer working environment.

As well as providing staff for these projects we will also mentor and train local people in construction, ensuring we leave behind a legacy of various skills when we finally complete the project. These can range from basic operative through more technical skills and on to enhancing the management capabilities of local workers.

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