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SPT, our sister company, who manufacture panels that are used to construct modular buildings, have seen their recent expansion into a factory on the Carnaby Industrial Estate in Bridlington pay dividends. They are busier than they have ever been and are working at maximum capacity, including carrying out projects for us at Kepi.

Modular building is fast becoming the biggest modern day progression in the construction industry, due to its flexibility in design, thermal efficiency and reduction to build lead times that it is the forerunner and the future for home and leisure construction methods. With these panels, you can construct any design you can dream of and SPT are now not only manufacturing these panels, they are also building lodges and bespoke homes for customers, locally and nationally.

Due to high demand, the decision was made to add to our manufacturing facility in Driffield, which we opened in Autumn 2019. We started to look for suitable premises, resulting in SPT moving in to a 60,000 square foot production unit at Carnaby near Bridlington at the end of 2020. This new facility is capable of building 15 to 20 modular buildings at any one time, all at various stages of completion on four dedicated production lines.

These will range from holiday lodges on parks in the UK and overseas, to short run and one-off building designs for built to specification homes. The new factory also has warehousing for parts and accessories needed to finish off the interior and exterior of these latest designs.

“It’s all been happening very quickly” said Craig Carmichael, the CEO of Kepi and SPT. “We decided to relocate our panel production from Romania to Driffield and our factory is now making SIPS panels to all sorts of specifications for a wide range of customers. These panels are used for the floors, walls, ceilings and roofs in modular building construction. We supply these panels to other manufacturers in the UK and Europe, but we also manufacture and build holiday lodges and regular homes ourselves, using our panels and the expertise of our construction team at Kepi International, better known for their work in overseas conflict areas.”

Craig continued, “We thought we might be able to use spare space at Driffield to start with, but this was quickly taken up by panel manufacture. The problem we had was finding the space to build our orders, which have been flooding in despite the present crisis. We needed a large, dedicated building to operate as a construction area. We wanted it to be close to our panel production facility in Driffield, but also close to port facilities and the motorway network, as we deliver our finished modular buildings by road to our UK customers and by road and sea to our European customers. We also needed extra capacity to allow us to grow the business. This new Bridlington site is ideal.”

We are currently working on our own range of SPT manufactured holiday lodges under our Braeburn brand. The new factory will soon be flat out making these to order for customers.

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