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Two companies based in Driffield East Yorkshire are quietly working on a revolution in house building, locally and nationally. The two companies are part of the same group. One, Kepi International, work on major infrastructure projects, often in areas of conflict, such as Afghanistan. The second, SPT Systems, manufacture modular building panels and are just breaking into the holiday lodge market in the UK and Europe, building lodges using their panels.

It started when a number of architects and self builders approached us about not just providing panels but supplying complete “kits” for a finished home” said Craig Carmichael, CEO of both businesses “We had just moved our SIPS panel production from Romania and we started to get enquiries. Before we knew it we became involved in a full turnkey project in Oxford where we designed, manufactured, constructed and finished off a 5 bed home.  The customer was delighted with the end result and its grown from there. Kepi used their on site expertise to complete the construction and SPT manufacture the panels that make up the home”

Since the Oxford build local East Yorkshire customers have come forward, looking for a unique solution to their needs. For example a detached annexe has been built in an existing properties garden in Tickton. Again this was a full project from start to finish and included provision of the base pad, internal and external finishing and final connection to all the services. This project demonstrates that it doesn’t need to be a complete home that's built. It could be an extension, a garden office or a separate dwelling.

Other local projects are planned including an extension to an existing home in Tickton and a 4 bed detached house in Hull which will be a complete start to moving in job. Larger customers in the holiday accommodation industry are also wanting to move from traditional “mobile” homes to more permanent lodge designs and a customer in Filey has placed an order for a total of 20 luxury lodges which are under manufacture and will be delivered before Easter 2021.

“Since we started looking at building using SIPS panels we haven’t stopped” continued Craig “There are so many uses for these panels. To begin with the floors, walls, ceilings and roofs can be made from SIPS. They are so thermally efficient its untrue, much more environmentally friendly than traditionally constructed buildings. They go up in days not months. They can be externally clad or in the case of a roof covered with any material, wood, brick, stone, slate for example. They can last as long as a modern home, are practically maintenance free and you can construct any style of building using them, modern or traditional. And they aren’t just used for small projects. You can build any size home using modular construction. You can also design your luxury home and then build it in phases. So when family come along you simply expand the size of your home to the next phase. It can even go up into two, three or more storeys”

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