Kepi Given a Lift!

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Not only do Kepi and their sister company SPT manufacture their Lodges range, from panels that the latter makes, Kepi are also responsible for on site installation of the Lodges. It really is a full turnkey, vertically integrated product range. From raw materials right through to site location. And there aren’t many companies in the marketplace who can say that. And to underline the fact, six brand new Lodges were delivered to and installed on site in one day in March 2021.

The end customer The Bay at Filey were desperate to get the six Lodges, due for the Spring, onto site as sales demand was expected to be high with the potential demand for staycations, short breaks and weekend stays in the Summer of 2021 and beyond. This was the first time so many lodges had been transported and sited in a single day so there was some trepidation at SPT and Kepi.

The factory team worked hard to get all six units ready at the same time but the new factory came into its own, giving them the space they needed to efficiently work on the fit out. On the day all six were ready to be loaded and delivered to site. The loading, which started at 7am went without a hitch. Whilst it was a fairly short journey to Filey the wide loads did need careful route planning and monitoring.

The first vehicles arrived at The Bay and the hired crane got to work immediately. Three different crane positions had to be used which meant positioning and repositioning, not an easy task and one which involves a lot of health and safety procedure and checking. After working from early morning to late afternoon the Kepi installation team and our contractors got on with the task involved, despite the weather not being in our favour. All six were located and landed perfectly and we achieved a quality installation in very good time.

It is important that a vertically integrated business like ours, who handle every stage in the manufacturing and supply chain, get all the stages right and to the satisfaction of our customers. It is no good having a great product and letting it down when it comes to installing on site and vice versa. Our experience as a civil engineering company means we know the importance of delivering the complete package. The Bay at Filey now have six brand new Lodges awaiting the arrival of their new holidaymakers, following the easing of the lockdown. Just how we like it everybody happy!

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