UK & Global Construction Projects

Providing construction and infrastructure solutions within the UK and around the world...

Kepi International Solutions Ltd is an organisation which has many years of experience providing construction and infrastructure solutions within the UK and around the world.

We offer turnkey solutions to developers and contractors in the UK, Europe and globally. These can be small local projects or major schemes. We can act as the main contractor or as a sub-contractor. Whatever the situation, Kepi can deliver.

Our Services include...

We’re definitely qualified…

As an ISO 9001 Quality Management certified company we have full knowledge and understanding of British Standards (BS), and Approved Codes of Practice (ACoP).  The company is a member of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), has systems in place that are registered with the UK’s Local Authority Building Control (LABC) and are compliant with the Construction Line (Capita led) procurement system. 

We have an enviable record of providing civil, mechanical, electrical, facilities management and service support projects throughout the UK, the Middle East and Africa to a wide and varied client base. This includes the military, government agencies, the oil and gas sector and the wider commercial market. 

Our UK projects see us working as sub and main contractors across the country, providing our full range of services to clients across a very wide spectrum, from manufacturing to retail, leisure to office accommodation and warehousing to public buildings. We also support businesses in the UK oil, gas and mining industries. This can be at the early discovery stage or in the development of an infrastructure for removal and transportation of these natural resources.  

As a supplier we turn ideas into reality, delivering solutions, which impact many areas of everyday life, especially in conflict and post conflict countries. We specialise in expeditionary construction, infrastructure and engineering projects in austere and challenging environments. Simply put Kepi has a “Can Do Attitude” to all aspects of delivering solutions that work, at all levels.

SPT Modular Building using Structural Insulated Panels, (SIP`s)

We are also manufacturers of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) for modular building through our sister company SPT Systems.

These panels are the perfect solution for rapidly constructing thermally efficient, airtight buildings for residential or commercial use. Our panels can be used for external and internal walls, roofs and intermediate floors, in virtually any design and application. Click here for more information.